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Anyone attempted Peruvian Blue Zebra Shrimp?

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 I had an importer mention these a few months back and I started hunting, but could find very little about these online (Really only German sites and scientific surveys), but wondered if anyone on here had tried them. They appear to be a soft water/low Ph species from a genus I have never encountered previously. Euryrhynchus amazoniensis is their scientific name and they look to be very small (2 cm). Here is the German page I found detailing them and I'll post up a pic from online so everyone can see what they look like. They almost remind me of a pistol shrimp in appearance.



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I thought they looked interesting. Have wanted to do a South American species, but I hate fooling with water parameters. The Brazilian Yellow Bellied look cool as well, but I think they are a low order breeder. These appear to be a high order, so might actually be worth the effort and should be safe with most other species without crossing. If I can find some of the Tanganyikan inverts that are reasonable I'd be onboard...

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would not keep them with any kind of fish and i would use no smaller than a 20 long. with claws like that they will prob catch and eat small fry and prob pick each other apart over territory. they are cool looking though

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