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cloudy water

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This is my 'established' tank. Has been running fine for over a year.

One rcs, blasting sand, small hob and double sponge. Very lightly planted.


With just the one shrimp, I rarely feed, although I did have a tiny piece of carrot in there last week. It took several days before shrimp decided it was ready to eat, and I took it out as soon as feeding slowed. I've never had an issue leaving fruit and veg in my tanks before.

Not sure how to proceed to deal with the cloudiness. I do not have a uv unit, but I do have sera peat and a fine mesh bag. Would that work in this case? My hob is really tiny, I'd have to remove existing media.

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Thanks, hadn't thought about purigen. I've never used it before so I don't quite know what it's good for.


I'm guessing it's the carrot, as it's the only change of late, but since it was so small and I've never had an issue before, I'm not sure.

I also don't vacuum a lot because of the small amount of plants in the tank, so perhaps it's that.

NitrAte tests 0ppm.

So the purigen or peat would work for organics, but not for bacterial?

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Hi, I had a similar problem not too long ago, I have a lot of Nice red cherry shrimp and multi color grass guppies in the tank. I was over feeding the tank and it was cloudy, I didn't feed anyone for 3 days and cut down on my feeding -the amount when I started to feed again, now I only feed 1 time a day smaller amount. I also added the plant  narrow leaf anacharis  , it grows like crazy and uptakes stuff in the water which also helps with the cloudiness thanks...



20180428_162513 (1).jpg

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Yeah, I thought about adding plants, but I don't have enough to make a difference. And, my nitrAtes are zero.

I did run some carbon before I got the purigen, but I don't have enough room in the HOB to run all that media. I'd have to remove the ceramic rings or sponge, so I guess I'll try that next.

Meanwhile, shrimpy seems to be doing OK, I think I saw a fresh molt in there.

I was just about to move a few more shrimp in there to keep him company, but need to sort out this water issue asap.

pretty tank, vinniemabuna :)

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Still have not been able to resolve the cloudiness.

Have run purigen and carbon.

Perhaps I need larger quantity?

I am using the HOB from my pico tank, so it is quite small. I do have a AC50, which is way too big for the 10 gal, so I'd have to take shrimpy out of the tank to try that.


I had a plant only tank that got cloudy, and lots of pwc and a total wc did not resolve it, so I know that doesn't work.

Would certainly not be a great option for a shrimp tank, anyway.


So adding extra plants only works if it's nitrates, right? Because I'm testing zero. I do have a golf ball size moss, or some java ferns I could add.



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Heya 35,


I don't have personal experience with blooms but thought I would pass this along....https://skfaquatics.com/forum/topic/13683-white-bloom/?tab=comments#comment-133244


This keeper tried several options and I believe a UV sterilizer is what ended up working.

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Plants are a great option. Also a water change . It will make the water cloudy at first but  it will clear up with the filter running . I love that you have only one lol. I have a ten gallon too  with two yellow shrimp (M+F). The female reins like a boss between all the guppies its cute. She looks like a bird in a tree tbh the way my tank is set up .

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