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Magic Powder or Bacter AE


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I haven't any experience with Magic Powder but I do use Bacter AE. My skrimps love it. Adults, juvies and babies alike. What I've found to work well for me is to take the powder and dump it into a dedicated API test vial with some tank water, give it a few shakes and dump it into the tank. I like to do this with filters off. The particles settle to the bottom fairly quick and then I turn filters back on, usually 15-20 minutes later. I get good coverage this way and everybody gets some.

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I was in the same situation but also have shrimp nature baby bio so I rotate them.  I don't know if it's advised but I couldn't decide so I went with all 3.  I was told that mixing bacteria products can cause problems so I try to stick with brands that list what strains are in them.  And the breeder I got my shrimp from uses both magic powder and bacter ae in his ground up blend.  Or had mixed them in the past with no adverse effects.  If I'm not mistaking bacter AE has more strains of bacteria and id say they are overall a higher quality product.

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