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What grade are these Sakura?

Karl K

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I'm looking to buy these Sakura





The person is selling them as Sakura grade SS, and said something about starting out with a cherry shrimp colony, and now this is the off spring some generations later i could imagine.

To me this looks like the Fire Red Grade? 

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So far as I know there is no industry standard for cherry shrimp names. I know I have my opinions, but she could name her cherries Cliffords if she wanted, not much you can do.

Those look a solid red, so perhaps fire red, but Sakura is a safe bet.

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So for me, fire red means a solid red, but I can see through them to the saddle.  PFR means the color is so opaque, I can't see through.


I could be wrong, and it may be the angle of the pics, but they look pfr to me. Especially with the legs colored like that.


MABJ is absolutely correct in that names of reds give a good idea, but everyone has different opinions.  That's why when I start selling my reds, I'm just having "Red Cherries," price, and showing a pic.  People can decide what they want from that.

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Interesting charts, based on the charts I may have a couple of PFR's.

Any of mine? I have a few adults that are culls from tank that I put in there a couple gens ago.
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