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(2) 17.1g Mr. Aqua Setups- My First Journal


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I thought I would start my first journal and share with you all, let me know what you think.
Aquarium - (2) 17.1g Mr. Aqua 
Substrate - (2) ADA Amazonia
Lighting- (2) Archaea Slim-Pro LEDs
Filtration - (2) Eheim 2213
Substrate Additives - ADA Bacter 100, Benibachi Mironekuton Powder, Genchem Beta-G
Hardscape - Manzanita Branches and Yamaya Stones (Not in Picture)

Plants - Java Fern attached to Manzanita Branches and Ceramic Cultivation Plates for semi-carpet and Subwassertang will be interlaced with Yamaya stones.
This is the very beginning stages, I should be receiving the Yamaya stones at the end of this week. I will finish setup this weekend and post a picture of the results. We will go from there. I plan to house Taiwan Bees in one aquarium and PRL CRS in the other.


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I received my Yamaya Stones last night. I tried several different hardscapes and variations with the stones, but ultimately this is what I came up with. Let me know your thoughts. Stay tuned for more updates as we complete this process together.


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The tank has been planted and filled. Let me know what you think. Thanks for your feedback everyone!



  • Subwassertang added to the base of each Manzanita Wood piece.
  • Java Moss tied on several branches of the Manzanita Wood
  • Java Moss added to Ceramic Cultivation Plates to begin partial moss carpet
  • Frogbit added to soak up excess nutrients


  • Eheim 2213 added to both aquariums
  • Stainless Steel Filter Guard added to Eheim 2213 intakes


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Looks good! Cant wait to see the mosses grow out


Thanks evodrgn, I am looking forward to the moss filling in also.

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Do you plan on putting any other plants or mosses in the tank later on?


Possibly, I was looking at mini pellia and fissidens, but just not sure if they would really thrive in my setup. I have fissidens in another shrimp tank and it grows incredibly slow.


I really would like some Taiwan and Weeping Moss, but hard to come by.

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Fissidens grow slow but they look super awesome though! I haven't monitored the growth of the mini peilla that I got a few weeks back so no clue if it grows quickly or not.

For the Taiwan and Weeping moss I'd say to ask h4n or Subtle tanks to see if they have any of it. Hope that helps

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Thanks Evo, that does help. Any suggestions are welcome. I didn't want to plant to many plants/moss this time around as the focus will be primarily on the shrimp.

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Awesome. I think this is going to be very minimal and beautiful when grown in!


Thank you, I am happy so far, I may add a bit more of a different type of moss. I will see how it looks once I add the other shrimp products.

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Mini peilla grows better in medium/ higher light is also likes a bit of flow/ current. I have some attached to rocks on the bottom of the tank and grows slowly, I also have some stuffed in a hole in some drift wood 4 inches from the light and it's growing faster.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It has been roughly 14 days since I filled the aquarium, and now I am in the dreaded diatom stages. This is a necessary evil in setting up a brand new aquarium. The Java Moss seems to be growing really well, and the frogbit has helped reduce the amount of ammonia, nutrients, and algae so far. Here is a list of some of the additions I have made in the aquarium:


Natural Products (per aquarium)-

  • Added 15 Alder Cones 
  • Added 1 Indian Almond Leaf
  • Added 1 Cholla Wood

Shrimp Water Conditioners/Supplements (per aquarium)-

  • Added 17 BorneoWild BeeBalls
  • Added 1 BorneoWild Minerock


Now to wait a couple more weeks until we add our shrimp!


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Looking really good, can't wait to see some shrimp in there.


Thanks High5's I have been extremely antsy. Just keep telling my safe to be patient.

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