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Just curious, What is your photo-period in your shrimp tank? I run all of my shrimp tanks at 6 hours. Any advantages or disadvantages of running shorter or longer photo-periods?


Thank you everyone.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, seems that I run mine a bit short. How many of you just use biological and mechanical media and no chemical?

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See I use Eheim 2211-2213 canister filters on all my shrimp tanks. One of my tanks seems to grow an abundance of thin green hair algae that grow super long. I was contemplating using Purigen in my canister filters, but just not recharging them to avoid any complications from bleaching.

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A lot of tanks have light fixtures that is way too overpowered for their tanks. This problem is compounded by the default manufactured legs for the light being so short, the tank get full exposure and starts forming algae. You'd either need to increase the distance between light and tank or use a lower light. Short photoperiods on a doesn't help much if your light fixture is strong. It'll still cause algae to grow.

Most of my high end shrimp tanks end up being moss only tanks so I usually have my lights hung 10-11" above the tank. I was having glass algae issues until a friend helped me address it and now my tank is looking a lot better. Once your tank is balanced, your plants will grow healthier and start to complete and win over algae for nutrients.



After: (3wks)


Notice that there's less brown/yellow on the plants. There's no more brown algae growing on my buce and moss. Plants look much healthier and greener.

Photoperiod is still at 8 hours, but my friend leaves his light on 12hrs/day but he has an auto dimmer.

I added a back tint because my tank's location and the way the light is hung was bouncing a lot of the light off the white wall and back into my tank which caused algae. Since adding the black tint, it's greatly reduced algae growth. Also, the black tint is cool as hell!

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Thanks for the advice Chef. The tank I have the problem with seems to be the only one with a different brand LED.


Tank looks fantastic by the way.

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