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Breeding Crays


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I'm looking to get some crays to breed. I have had Marms and electric blues before so I'm familiar with keeping them. I've only ever bred the marms, and those are rather easy :)


So what are the tricks to breeding crayfish, besides getting a male and female (which I believe can be tricky?). What are some popular types (types that other people might want to trade for)?

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I agree that CPO's seem to be the most popular.  The don't eat plants and stay small which are two large benefits :).  Plus they are a cool orange color

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I wanted shufeldtis for a while, then I remembered that I could never find my wild type neos. And then the CPOs at the store I visited were busily disemboweling each other.

I said to myself, I think perhaps a different species might be best.

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                   I have the exact opposite experience with CPO's .  I had 1 mean female out of several females and she is outside now but the others get along rather well . I only have 1 male so that is important even though the females in CPO's can be the most aggressive .


I picked up 3 more from Will not long ago and all 3 are in a planted 10 gallon (growing very fast) and though unsexed they get along very well.


They all look great and active but I have never been able to breed my adult CPO's . They have mated but no young ever .



               You had a pair of Blues imagine Clarki and they never bred?

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Both Procamberus Alleni and Clarki will grow to 5 in in size and have 100+ babies at a time (Yup found out the hard way when I bought 2 females at and auction an both were berried) Took me months to get rid of all the baby crays I had 300 of them, so be prepared!

Marble crays are all female and don't need a male to produce babies, so you end up withtons of baby after a short time...not all that good looking either.

CPO's have about 15 babies at a time, but breeding them can be a hit or a miss, they

are aggressive with one another and hard to keep more than a pair in a 10 gallon tank. Females are always bigger than males and can be super aggressive, killing your male.

Male will wait till female molts then jumps her and that can end up with your female being killed if her shell hasn't hardened fast enough before he grabs her.

Shufeldti are very peaceful smaller than CPO's but shy and don't come out as much, so unless you want to spend all your time searching for them, buy the CPO, which can be taught to eat out of your fingers and come when you want it.

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