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5G Mischling Adventure


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So I started out this tank on another forum but going to continue it here :)


-Substrate: ADA Amazonia

-Lights: Finnex Ray

-Filter: DIY UGF and Sponge filter

-Flora: Flame moss, X-mas Moss, Anubias nana & petite, Fissiden,Fissiden geppi, Fissiden Mini, and Mini Pellia, Round Pellia,Hydro japan, Dwarf water lettuce,Duckweed, Frogbit ....

(yes all that jammed into a small 5g tank :o )


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Always nice to see more tankmates hehe

This is true lol.


I think the fact that it was a tank full of male TB's and I tossed in 6 new girls it caused a little commotion. The males went in for a little bit more then a simple hello lol. The girls just shook them off and went about exploring their new home.

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So I came home today and did my normal routine of evening feeding.


To my surprise I noticed one of my WR's looked extra plump.... Well I clearly miss judge the sex and now I have a barried WR Woot!


If She ever let's me I will try to snap a pic of the berried WR.


I got a nice pic of the BKK  you liked Soothing lol.



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It's been a bit since I last update so I figured I share whats new.


So my TB's have matured and have a few berried girls now so pumped about that. I also got a little fish just to see how he does but if anything I can always move him to the community tank.


The tank is over growing with plants so had to add a external breeder box to house more plants lol.


Here's the pics:







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So all my michling girls got berried at the same time kinda cool. This made me wounder shrimp in the same tank somehow fall on the same breeding cycle.


Also one of my golden's had a semi-fail molt and he now has a funny looking wing shape head lol.


Lastly my new little red root floaters finally turned bright red after a week in the tank.




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Sweet! That is great!

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I just moved and right before moving there was a bad event with this tank were my landlord sprayed my apartment before I had taken tanks out. Long story short it killed 95% of my shrimp so this tank has like 4 living shrimp left and it's now housing my new Buce plants till 30g is up and running.


First time buce owner lol






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