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Heater recal

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Well since reviews aren't prohibited here *ahem*

Here is my two cents on top Finn, great choice, all living things which are all petsmart brands for reptile, fish, and small animal products. If there made cheaply don't expect them to go to far, when I worked at petsmart I steared people away from those brands and got them to the next brand up like aqueon or zoo med, solely because cheap made is break easily. I have a 100 watt heater top Finn burn out and fry my fish, filters with unstable impeller rotations, lights that short circuit. There not much cheaper either, a ten gallon top fin kit is like 60$ you can get an aqueon, or marineland kit on sale for the same price if not ten dollars more, and your paying for quality over quantity.

The cheap "store" brands are not worth it in the end.

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Every heater I've tried has been inconsistant except ehiem heaters. I have tried at least
Eight different brands, and not a single one keep the temp consistent except the ehiem.

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People have a tendency to skimp on heaters and that is an expensive mistake . 


I used to buy the Otto-Computherms which were like $50 roughly 20 years ago and to this day they hold temp EXACTLY as set but they no longer sell them.


Other brands are good but IMO the cheap fish heaters are just that cheaply made and unreliable .


There are cheap filters even lights which are great but I have not found quality cheap heaters and you cant skimp on heaters or you'll regret it .

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