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Guys I'm back


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Hey guys, I browsed the forum when I was on vacation but made no active posts. Go figure lol. My phone was dead most of the time and I kept it that way till I got home. No bother of electronics while on vacation lol.

Soooo, for my first time going to Hawaii, it was definatly not what I expected..... But so much more. My fiances family is super close over there, and all such wonderful people. I had the honor of celebrating her great grandmas 100 birthday. She has dimensia but she had two good days when we were there.

What can I say about Hawaii. After getting over the fact of being on an island thousands of miles from mainland....I loved it, I would much rather live there, the lifestyle is so much easier. So much more laid back and no drama or problems out in the open. The locals are friendly, the tattoo guy I got one covered up was awesome. I had a great time. Time to price out houses and talk my fiancé into moving there for the benefit of her family being closer (she doesn't do well with heat and it's hot there year round, but I grew up in the heat so anything over 100 doesn't not phase me. Lol)

So much greenery and un tapped force of nature there it's amazing, beautiful rolling hill and mountain with trees. Plants I had never seen before. Clear light blue water with reef you can see from the beach. Beautiful birds. Baby praying mantis everywhere.

While there I had the pleasure to do a few things. First, hanauma bay. My fiancé doesn't know how to swim, so I taught her the basics and she did wonderful. We swam WITH the fish for almost three hours non stop. Got to see some really amazing fish, a couple moray eels, little goby like things popping in and out of holes in the rocks. An octopus that almost bit me for getting close with the camera in his hole -.- I needed a picture!!!!

We hiked diomand hear, which was nothing, I thought it was going to be more than it was but the view after we got to the top was unmatched even from an airplane. And I learned it used to be a bunker and lookout point haha.

We went to Pearl Harbor. The one simply most emotional place I have ever been to the uss Arizona memorial. Once on the memorial, I started welling up inside and tearing up as well. To think over 1100 people died on that boat that day and are still inside. Oil still leaking from the hull 70+ years later. And the fact that all 30 something survivors had requested to to be buried and placed inside the ship to return to their shipmates that they had left to be with them and only 8-10 remaining survivors left, really gets the tear jerker going. I found a video of a lady who had taken a picture while there years ago and it was a face in the waves above the Arizona, check it out on YouTube it's unmistakable, they are still there and you can see the pain in that photo.

All in all I rate Hawaii 100 out of ten on the wow factor and beauty of there islands and culture. Later this week when I sort through all 400 of my pictures and 30 videos lol I'll be posting some in my photo section on my sponsor page. There was a friend I didn't get to meet up with over there, my fiancé ran the vacation and didn't make it easy, but I had a great time, next time I want to go on a nature tour though.

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Almost forgot lol, my shrimp tank was half gone of water which means my filter was running dry for three days, they were swimming around frantically but I seen no one dead and a ton of molts. My 25 is perfectly overgrown again. And my hongsloi tank have babies about 1/4-1/2 inch big now, whose ready to buy some plants!!!! Lol

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                    Yes , the pet laws as far as lots being banned is the bad thing about Hawaii and it is expensive but it is paradise .




Subtle ,

              They have the nicest Jackson chamaleons in Hawaii .  Did you see wild parrots ?

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I seen tona of geckos. No parrots Hough wild at least. Col and wage isn't equal over there. Most of the family works two or three jobs to make it. But still its gorgous and I'm contemplating it.

the thing is. Its only restricted animals and plants that can't get shipped in or out just like for Cali and the rest of the states.

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