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Hello from Yorkshire UK


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hi there 

Am a brand new member and relatively new to keeping cherry shrimp.

I have 3 tanks with some inverts in each.

Mature 60L tank with 5 amano shrimp, 4 assassin snails and 4 male platies.

Mature 30L tank with 2 amano shrimp, 2 zebra nerite snails and a male betta

Newish 19L tank with 10 white pearls and 1 blue phantom shrimp (jelly or pearl not sure which) and some tiny hitch-hiker snails.

Looking forward to getting some pointers on how to care for the cherry shrimp as my experience with them so far has not exactly been smooth. I understood they were easy to care for and tolerate a wide range of water parameters tho I haven't found that to be the case. 

Since getting the cherry shrimp I've been learning about TDS etc and still getting to grips with that tbh.

Hope to be able to share my journey too at some point.






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I've started a thread about the issues I'm having with my 19L shrimp tank if anyone wants to pop in for a look - be warned it's quite a long post as I've tried to include as much info as possible.


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