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Best Plant absorbing nitrate

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Fast growing is key, I think. Also, I think floaters can suck up a lot in any tank because they can get endless CO2 from the air at the surface and usually have the best access to light, so they have everything else they want and no limit to the nitrates they're willing to suck up.

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When it comes down to it, water changes are really the only that that will absorb nitrates. The plants help the more the better but in reality to keep it in check and under control regular water changes will be key. Been a debate for a number of years and that is what I have always come to the conclusion.

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I saw hair algae growing from a molt and the tank is brand new. I guess my water has too much phosphates?

New tank Will usually result in some sort of algae. Not really a big deal unless it takes over the tank. I just pull the algae out if I get some.
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Najas sp. "Roraima" is a great nitrate and phosphate "sponge".

It grows fast when nutrients are abundant and moderately when levels are low, but does not need high levels to look healthy.

You can have it free floating, in the soil or attach it to your hardscape . Excess plant mass can be removed easily. Another advantage is that my shrimps really like it. My Najas was imported from Germany.  






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