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Fish surgery?


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You trim the fins? Why

It was wild P. altum.


fin rot away before settle down in my tank. and fin re-growth was deformed.

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Was the deformity causing the fish distress in some way? Still confused here.


It's normal for wild type altum angel.


some fish has whole fin gone, and then it grows back.

in some cases, the fin grows the wrong way and loss its value of the fish.


this is not altum, just show you what I'm talking about:



cut fin:





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I have a friend who is a fish vet in Texas. He made this awesome harness for a goldfish with swimbladder issues, which I love to share with people as evidence that there is good, advanced care for aquatic species out there if you want it. Not everywhere, and not always cheap (especially compared to what most fish cost to buy/replace :/) but it's out there!


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Yeah, I really think it depends on the person and the fish. Some of them can live as long as the fuzzy-cuddly pets we get attached to, like rats, ferrets, rabbits. I also know some Koi breeders will spring for MRIs... But their fish can be thousands a pop, so it makes more "sense" to most people.

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