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Red Bolt

British Reds

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Not sure what they sell for as I haven't SEEN anyone really sell them. They're not as nice as Blue Bolt (as far as I've seen) so maybe that could be why there's currently no market.

I'm testing some minerals to see if I can intensify their colors (did this and it worked on my Blue Bolt). Red is subjective tho. Some like the red while some likes deeper reds. Personally, I like those with the marbling blood red, almost black. My own Red Wine just started breeding so I'll see how babies comes out.

Back to your question, I don't think they'll fetch more than 20 as they seem to demonstrate weak colors.

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Pink bolt sounds most appropriate. Red Bolt is misleading, they're not really red.

There's a big confusion between red bolts and snow white/golden pink shade. So the ones you have seen must have just been a pink shade. The red bolts i have seen so far seems red to me. But they dont really appeal that much than the bb
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true red bolts with champion coloring is next to impossible to find. 

even real extreme blue bolts are becoming hard to get. seems like blue bolt color grading has fallen down a few notches.

when i order extreme blue bolts i expect 100% sold blue coverage, not what you currently see from a few sellers where it fades down and the tail is white. 

to me that is far from extreme. thats low grade.

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This red bolt somehow reminds me of the red bird from the angry birds

(Not my pic)

attachicon.gifRed Bolt Michael Nadal 1.jpeg

Here's one of my crs which looks sort of similar


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Red bolts are still new to my understanding. It's going to take some time to refine the color since red can get bleached out easily, blue on the other hand is a deeper color.

If someone got ahold of some red bolts and bred them with skeletons to strip the white and then bred them for the deep red, they would be true red bolts, imo

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