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30G Breeder


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So I just got moved into my new place a slowly settling in. So far I have not had the chance to work on my 30g breeder project, but today I had the day off and try to do the most that I could. 


Here's what the plan is so far.


1. Divide tank into 3 sections

2. figured out filtration

3. start cycle ASP




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I still need to add my Eheim filter that will have intake on far right and output on far left to help with even more flow.


At the moment the UGF are rocking out creating a really nice current to keep things going.


The 30g tank & the 5g tank under the stand are running on my Alita-15 Air pump that I found on craigslist for $10...... sweet deal on that find :D

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Looking good man!


How did you mount the ss mesh to the glass?



I just placed a line of silicone on the glass and press mesh on it. Got the concept after visiting a friends place and looking at his tanks setup.


I really like the design, what shrimp are you planning to keep?


Right now I'm waiting to buy some Benibachi A grade PRL that come from Max stock that friend bought. In another section I really wanted Royals (even after some people told me it might not work in this setup lol). The last section is still up for debate.



eozen81, on 09 Oct 2014 - 3:42 PM, said:


Congrats, looking very nice. Are you using ADA for substrate? If yes, what is your method for cycling it? Any weekly water changes planning?


Yes I used two 9L bags of ADA Amazonia. First 5 days will be 80-90% WC with weekly 20% WC after that.


(this part I do just as added bonus) I also use a bacterial supplement after the 5th day to help kick start the tank. I used Tetra SafeStart in the past, but this time I'm trying Seachem Stability to see how it works out.

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so you are buying PRL not benibachi. once they leave benibachi's quality control they are just PRL that came from benibachi parents.

this is something that people need to learn more about.  once it leaves the breeders quality control and shrimplets are born they are no longer is XXX brand. its just in this case PRL.



But the setup looks AWESOME. loving the idea of the mesh. adding the eheim will really help with water movement but might not be necessary. maybe a sponge in each section is plenty for shrimp.

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Here's a few updates:

Moved my buce's into the tank and some lava rock covered in mini fissiden.

Also added my eheim filtered that is full of nothing but Marine Pure Biofilter Media and EHEIM Substrat Pro Biological Filter Media. It has enough bio media to filter a 200+ gallon tank lol.

Last piece was this item I got from Han called a Choice bubbler. It's pretty sweet makes tons of micro bubbles.






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Looks really good, now time to wait and be patient. Look forward to seeing the PRL you choose.

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Right now I just have 1 cherry shrimp the tagged along with some plants & this morning I found one of my carbon rili's in there lol. Both doing fine since tank is cycled I'm just waiting for more bio-film to grow before adding anything else.


Here's some pics of minor scape changes I made.


If you look at the pic with the cholla wood you can see the cherry shrimp behind the buce





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