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Sponge Filters

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the more spong the better, i dont think there is an advantage of one over the other.



I tend to stick with the dual style because of the outflow tube provides flow @ the surface unlike the others that just bubble up



I have 1 left in gray.


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I use these.  I assume when I bought them they were cheaper then the other kind.  I use HFM in most my tanks though and only use normal sponge filters in my 40gal tanks.


http://www.kwzone.co...onge Filter.jpg

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Check this out.... "BIOSPON"


Not sure if it's "better" than a sponge. But, I'm sure it cost more. hehe


BTW, I prefer the single sponges just because they are easier to remove and clean. But I have both.


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Haven't got sponge filters yet as I only have small tanks, but when I set up the larger 60L tank as a shrimp tank (when the current occupants have shuffled off this mortal coil) I was thinking about the double one because of the bigger surface area plus you can rinse only one at each water change and not disturb the other thus preserving the bacterial colony better.

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Sponge filters are my pet hate!!!!!

The design and studies not matter... But the sponge does!

The most important thing is the density of the sponge, not the price or style.

It's well worth spending an extra couple of $ and getting a sponge filter with the capacity to actually do something.

You'd spend $10-15 on a shrimp. Why not spend the same on one sponge that will take care of numerous shrimp!?

Buy sera or tetra ONLY!

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I wonder if the Sera sponge will fit on the XY base? 


That is also the lowest I have seen the BioSpon is at $30 bucks a piece.

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