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Shipping with heat packs.


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They can handle the cold a lot easier than the heat, but here in Montana, it is getting to 30 degrees at night, and by the next couple of weeks,

it will get down to the 20 degrees at night, and be around 50 degrees during the day. We have kind of had an indian summer this year, so it's been great, but we

always get snow before Halloween here.

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 Just wondering at what temp you regular shrimp shippers start using heat packs. Below 60, 55, 50?? Have shipped tons of corals and fish so I have some knowledge of the basics. I am in the North Carolina and it is getting down in the 50s here at night. Thanks

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Depends on the shrimp too.  I was using heatpacks in the middle of the summer on my Sulawesi's so I could keep them at 80-83 during shipping.

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