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Hola! from the Bayou


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Hi! I'm new to shrimp and am quickly becomeing addicted. I only have one 3.5 that is shrimp only and am starting a second 10g. Otherwise I have 5g that is awaiting a betta with some Nerites in it. And 20 long and 50 with goldfish only. Inverts are really my thing, the fish more the Hubs. I have learned so much already lurking on the forum and decided to finally say hello.

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Welcome! That's a lot of goldfish!


They aren't fully stocked yet! But he already has plans...

Welcome! What kind of shrimp?

Pumpkin Neos, my tiny herd of 7



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Welcome! ^^


Thank you! (^_^) you're videos are great! I'm going to be following your DIY light mod, you're video made it seem so much less intimidating.

Welcome Ebi! And which Bayou would you be from?

I'm in Jean Laffites stomping grounds ;)

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