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Shrimp for a wall mounted 12 gallon room temp tank?


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I have this 12 gallon wall mounted tank that sits at room temp or above most of the year (68-75) has dual sponge filters and plenty of room for chemical filtration but I've just been kind of at a loss on what to put into it ever since I broke down my native freshwater system that was in it.


Its still running, but with little to no livestock in it.  Has some native snails and some plants still.


My question is what would you all recommend for freshwater shrimp inhabitants that would handle the slightly lower temperatures?


I'm open to fresh or brackish, even thought about some tropical marines that would handle it.  


Here is a photo of the tank when I had it running semiaquatic. Its rather slim front to back but good sized lengthwise and vertically,




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WOW that is so cool


Shrimp can handle lower/colder temps. Its the heats thats more killer.


My tanks all sit around 65-68 during the winter season.

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I was originally going to keep these guys in there since they are the only freshwater shrimp that occurs in Oregon (non-native though).  They kind of look like giant ghost shrimp but they are called Siberian Prawns (Exopalaemon modestus) the biggest I found was about 2.5" 




Here's the tank I mentioned that is underneath the wall mounted one, its plumbed into my garage coldwater marine holding tanks.  I just re-did the aquascape in it with beach sand instead of rubble rock and finally was able to remove the protective tops so I can view it top down. Gotta go get more anemones now :)


Here's how I had it aquascaped before:





Here's how I have it now.


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I wouldn't try prawns they are very aggresive and usaly gey big, their claws are normaly 1.5-2" so they woudnt beable to turn around, some wild ghost shrimp would still be good.

That is a AWESOME tank, any pics of the inhabitants?


Their common name is Prawn, but they are really a shrimp that doesn't get very large (large for most shrimp but under 3") I've kept them a couple times but only as a free food source for other animals.  My newts like to crunch on them lol, and my scorpionfish loves em :)


Been thinking about doing a brackish setup and trying to find some of the marine species I'm already catching but farther up into an estuary where the salinity is lower from the freshwater.  Theres a few interesting non-native killi fish that have made their way out to Oregon as well in the estuaries.  


Anyone on here in Oregon? Wanna go look for some shrimp with me one of these days? 

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Hi all, been a while :)

Wanted to revive this thread since I still have the tank and its still sitting with nothing in it.


Well, it had some cool little invasive gobies (Armur Goby) in it that are native to China that I caugh in the Columbia river, but they passed.


So I'm thinking about doing a shrimp tank again :)


Question is what ones? Leaning towards just starting with cherry shrimp since they would be highly visible with the black background and eye height of the tank, and are only about .50 cents locally. Tank now has some low heat LED lights so live plants shouldn't be a problem. Still runs in the low 70s temp wise. I will be adding an acrylic lid soon to stop evaporation also. As you can see the upper tank has been a see bit neglects since the gobies died.


If you had to start over from scratch what would you do and not do with your first FW shrimp tank?


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