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Hello from Idaho


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Greetings everyone. I have been lurking around the forum for the past week, reading all the great info offered. I have been wanting to get into shrimp for several years, but didn't make the plunge until this year. Cherries were being offered at Petco this summer, first time I have seen them carried. Well, they didn't have any in stock... so ordered eight, and ran home to get the tank ready for them. I had a nice little split 5 gal with my bettas, Planted with sand. They were moved over to a quickly divided 20 gal long that was waiting for me to set up. Some safe start and seeding from their original tank and the bettas had a new, larger home and I had a seven month old planted tank for my shrimp.


Arrived safely, added safely, all was good. Several weeks later, purchased three more, lost them. Stopped buying shrimp and tried to figure out if I was at fault. Did not have any test kits, so had the pet store do the freebie, all was good by their standards.  Things continued, one of my shrimp came from the pet store berried, and soon there were babies. Started cutting my tap with RO, because I could not see any other reason the previous shrimp died.


Now months later (purchased at the end of July) I have lost several other shrimp to unknown causes, but berried shrimp being as they are, have near two hundred babies. Which meant setting up a 10 gal for overflow. I will be keeping the best reds (they were sakura color grade, some with race stripes) and will place the culls into my "cull" tank, to the joy of my bettas, I am sure.


Next spring I am planning on the leap to tigers, and I am now getting better test kits than the run to the pet store method. TDS meter has been ordered and the tank will be set up in Feb. I am thinking super tigers, because I do not have the funds or experience to go for the galaxies I fell in love with. But while waiting for that I am setting up a 1.5 gal micro for a few shrimp and experiment with immersed plants and moss instead of my beloved crypts and anubias.


Enough chatting for now, kitties are attacking the Christmas tree...

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Welcome I lurked for a couple weeks before joining as well.  And also had problems with my cherries mysteriously dying.  I am thourougly convinced at this point that the random deaths were casued simply from my tank not being matured.  Not that it wasnt cycled but it hadnt developed any biofilm. Patience in this hobby is probably the most important thing I am begining to learn.

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GH and KH are coming in next week from Dr. Foster and Smith. My locals do not carry them. I am thinking maybe the loss of shrimp will never be solved. I would have thought that after seven months the tank would have been mature, but who knows? I do not have much leaf litter going, I do have catappa leaves, but don't have much room from the plants. Also alder cones. I do feed almost everyday, now. Back then it was part of a small sinking wafer every three days. Now with so many babies they get fed more, but not so much they can't finish it off in a couple or three hours. I have branched out on the variety of food I am feeding them. Tonight is kale night for them. They still get wafers several nights a week, and peas, and once a week crab cuisine. And one day a week they fend for themselves. So I don't think I was overfeeding them.  


They are charming. I remember reading as a kid, in the back of the comics, adds for sea monkeys. Always wanted them. Years later I learned that they were brine shrimp. My cherries are better.

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Southeast Idaho, Idaho Falls. I hear there are a few people keeping shrimp in Pocatello, but I cannot remember what forum I was on. I also go to the Planted Tank Forum. Cherries as well, if I remember correctly.

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