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G'day from Sydney, Australia


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So to be honest I'm really surprised I haven't come across this forum before.


I've been keeping shrimp with varying degrees of success for the last 5 or 6 years and have limited myself to 10 tanks total. We've had more in the past but when you rent moving becomes a challenge so 10 is it for us.


Currently we keep mainly TBs, a few Tigers, couple of Cherry Shrimp colours and Snow Balls. Only recently started keeping PRLs but good genetics in Australia are very hard to find, the reason for this is its illegal to import shrimp. Hasn't stopped them coming in but prices are high so you do what you can.


By trade I'm a Cloud Support Engineer for the larges CSP on the planet and love working there, my history is primarily Military with some Government but these days private sector. Should mention I'm originally from New Zealand but having lived 10 years in the UK my accent is very English. Hobbies apart from computing and shrimp keeping revolve around my family and raising two kids, plus trying to enjoy the outdoors when we can, without it trying to kill us :) Yeah, there's a few dangerous critters around, and that's just in the house!


Anyway, HI :) Glad I've found this forum, see a few familiar names as well.



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