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Great Deals on Taiwan Bee, PRLs, and Higher End Shrimps!!!

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Hi Guys,


Don't miss out on these great deals!!! Taiwan bee, PRLs, and higher end shrimps sale is still currently going on and will be extended until Dec.21st !!!! PM me or simply place an order by posting!!!


There will also be a RAOK (5 MK Breed PRL A grade) for those that made a purchase during the Neocaridina and the ongoing event!!!


Thank you,


Blue Crown


2nd Event) Christmas High Grade Shrimp Sale!!! Starting Dec.15-21st!!!


****Buy 5 shrimps  get 1 shrimps free or buy 10 shrimps get 3 shrimps free!!!****


Black King Kong- ($17)



Black Panda- ($15)



Red Panda- ($20)



Blue Bolts- ($16)



Deep Blue Bolts- ($35) **Limited**



Extreme Black King Kong- ($35)  ** Very Limited**



** Shrimps listed above must purchase 5 minimum


****All shrimps listed below are 25% off !!!****


Mk Breed PRL (A grade)- ($25)----->($18.75) **Very Limited** 



Mk Breed PRL (S Grade)- ($40.00)----->($30) **Very Limited**



Fancy Red Tiger  (A grade)- ($40.00)----->($30) **Possible Pinto Gene Carrier, Limited** 



Light Blue Body Mosura/Flowerhead King Kong- ($75.00)---->($57) **Very Limited**



Blue Body Mosura/Flowerhead King Kong- ($100.00)---->($75) **Sold Out**



White Back Pinto- ($120.00)----->($90) **Sold Out**



Zebra Pinto- ($120.00)----->($90) **Very Limited**




Shipping and DOA Policy:


Shipping we have two options. Priority shipping (2-4 days) is $12 while Priority Express shipping (1-2 days) is $35. Priority Express shipping comes with our DOA-Free Guarantee in which we offer a refund on the dead shrimp(s) or store credit. Any DOA claims can be easily accomplished by taking a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp (within 1 hour and 30 minutes of delivery confirmation) while the shrimps remain in the untampered Kordon bag. Our DOA-Free Guarantee will be void if customer, by their own accord, is unable to receive the package on the first delivery attempt or other problems concerning outside operations (i.e. weather, USPS service, etc.). We also welcome local pickups as well.

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