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Need some DIY light ideas.

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On my 12g long I currently have 2 6700k 6-8" 13w cfl and they are doing great! However where they hit closest in the tank I am having some hair algae problems which I am positive is just because there is too much light in those spots.

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can build/ buy a fixture to house the cfls and get them further away from the tank? I would like to keep from wall/ceiling mounting and have something with legs to rest on the tank.

Open to all suggestions!


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You need 5 things:


1, power supply (laptop one is perfect, Lenovo 20V 4.5A for older IBM laptop)

I had couple from my old laptop, so basically it's free.


2, heat sink ( again, older computer heat sink)

3, Fan (120mm computer fan, you only need it from anything >10W)



4, LED driver (boost mode DC/DC regulator)

$5 from eBay, output is adjustable, I will use it for 30W total output power:




5, LED module (10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W)

below is 100W LED module, $5 from eBay, 9000-10000LM:



I use "Arctic Silver™ Thermal Adhesive" to glue it to heat sink.


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Ooh, thanks for the pictorial and the links.

Would that be enough spread for a 12 gal?

If you are going to change the light altogether, I would also consider the LED landscape box lights. But again, you'd need a mounting solution. I would also question the spread - how many would be needed?


BTW, I have seen it mentioned that as they age, CFL lights may promote the growth of algae.

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The cfls I have have only been used for a couple months. I did a small test and moved my lights and sure enough in like 2 days the algae moved to the closest to the new spot. I think I'm going to take an old t5 or t8 fixture, gut it and drill some holes to just put them in the fixture


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