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Water Storage

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I worked at Home Depot for years and handled hundreds of these bottles.  I can tell you I dropped many full ones and only had a couple crack.  The seams are the weak point so before purchasing I would carefully inspect them.  Once you have a solid one they last a very long time.  Also I can understand filling them and maybe moving them around your house but what the heck would you be doing with it that you would be that rough with it? 

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They are hard plastic, anything like that will crack if you drop it.


Would you be planning on dropping it?


I've had 2 in use for over 5 years.  I've heard several complaints of Rubbermaid Brutes splitting open but it's the risk you take with any container.

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You local hardware store should have a 5 gallon pail for around $3.  Yeah, they come in green too.:



Then use either an easy off lid ~$6 (pack of 3)


Or an easy screw off top ~$7



I use them quite extensively here, from everything like water changes, and mixing remin, to flipping them upside down and using as a step stool in my shrimp room, or improv seat.  For reference, I'm currently 200lbs.

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I've been using those 5G jugs for years with no issues ever. i've dropped one down a few stairs full of water with just that snap on lid no issues.


since moving to a larger location for my shrimp room/racks i've been switching to 5G buckets with lids for different things, I also went on craigslist and bought a few food grade 55G blue storage containers. you should be able to find them locally for like 20-30 each.

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I used to use those 5gal drinking jugs but I soon realized it gets really expensive if you were to buy a lot to make water changing and storage feasible. I quickly dropped that idea and bought these.


They're also 5gal jugs but cost about $6.00/ea. shipping is pretty cheap for the the size. I think 6 containers is 9shipped. I like these because you could also do the pyramid style stacking to save space once they're filled, unlike the rounded jugs.

My parents house doesn't pay water bills, not sure why, so I have all my water filtered there. Having these squared jugs is better because I can stack 2 per seater footrest side in my car totaling in 8 per trip. I really love these. Link below for folks interested.


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