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Keeping snails in low PH

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Problem is the ph is too acidic and will eat holes in the shell as you mentioned.  Building shell strength from foods is great, but if the acids eat holes in it, it is a losing battle.


Calcium added to the water may help, but again- acidic water.


Ideally snails need 8+ with high gh.

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I think it's rather the low KH than the pH that is the problem.

When I had low KH in my tanks (not for CRS) the snails developed problems with their shells and developed holes. When I raised the KH after some time, the snails did much better. The pH stayed about 6.5. Of course, you don't want to raise the KH too much because of your CRS.

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My tank is 6.6-6.8 for my Neos (just because that's where it settles) and my Ramshorn (and MTS) live fine, but the Ramshorn's shell especially is all pitted and kind of ugly, even at that pH. S/he seems quite content otherwise, but I don't think the shell will ever be pretty. Shell does its job, but I'd want to relocate him if it got more holey.

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