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Auto topoff

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I think you can get a hydor ATO and a Tom`s Aqua-Lifter for under $120.


I just bought a Japanese made one that simply holds a bottle of water upside down with a tube to the water level and drains when the water level allows air in to the tube.  Not the prettiest but effective, it was under $20.

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I assume the same concept would work.

Instead of placing it like that, I would place it on my lights.

I would make a bottle sorta like for hatching bbs except you would need 2 bottles. One to cut and one that is going to be filled with water. Cut one and have it placed like bbs and get a bbs cap then attach tubing and you can pretty much cut tubing to whatever you want water level too?




Please excuse my terrible drawing :(

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This is the japanese one that ROn was talking about: it's callles the NISSO Automatic Water Top-off Holder




It is designed to hold a standard 1L plastic bottle






Not the prettiest looking device but it does its job.  i would say it is more suitable for tanks under 10gal.

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you can get it on Ratuken 




Shipping cost is pretty high for 1 unit so you will have to buy a few of them to make it worthwhile - I believe mine worked out to be around $15 cdn on my last order but i got a bunch of different stuff.  You can also use the domestic (Japanese) version of Ratuken and ship to a japanese address using Tenso Japan who would re-ship it the US or Canada for a fee

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On the bottle?


No, when the level drops low enough to let air in, water comes out.

what if i make a small hole on the cap and use a air tubing, will it slow down the flow? also, will babies shrimp go into the bottle?



ps: i shouldn't have clicked that link... now my wallet might be empty soon..... 

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