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Hello From Azores/Portugal


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Hi my name its Rui Ávila and i from a archipelago called Azores from Portugal.


I started my first project (CBS and Taiwan Bee´s) in September of 2014, Initially with a colony of 18 CBS F1 and 2 Taiwan Bee, today I have more than 20 CRS, maybe 60? CBS and some taiwan bee (I counted 7 but I hope to have more). All this in a 100 Liter Tank (26 Gallon)


As the Portuguese community is a bit closed about the shrimp (There is few and those few do not share knowledge) I decided to resort to your forum to study for a future project I have in mind (A setup just to bee's taiwan). 



Video from current setup:




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Welcome! We are glad to have you, looks like you have a great start.

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I visited Portugal once for work, I happened to have a day off where I saw a lot of the country near Marinha Grande (Leiria/Nazare/Batalha/Fatima) and a day in Lisboa.  Absolutely beautiful country, I'd go back in a heartbeat.


Welcome to the forums.

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