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Feeding question

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Seems like the shrimp just haven't been too excited about what I feed them, so I haven't been feeding them too much.

But today, I put in a blanched slice of organic Zucchini, and every shrimp wanted some. I let them eat off it for about three

hours and then took it out, and only left a very small piece. They were all still trying to finish off the tiny piece I left. They

went at this, like they haven't seen food for years. I was taken by surprise, and now I am not sure if I am feeding them

enough for not?


The question that I have is, how often do you feed your shrimp?


It seem like you shouldn't ever leave food in the tank for more than three hours, if it is not all eaten, from what I have

read, but I get so many opinions on how often to feed them. Some say, every day, some say every other day, some

say, only twice a week. I have even seen twice a day?  Either way, I need people to answer that have been successfully

raising their shrimp for awhile to know what is right, or at least point me in the right direction.


Thanks! Doc

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The answer depends on many things.  How established your tank is, how many plants/decor, temperature, size of colony, type of shrimp, and other thangs.


To just say X amount doesn't give an accurate answer, so we use a very general statement like- as much as they can eat in 1-3 hrs.


Then, you make your own adjustments from there according to your tank.


Make sense?

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Sort of and thank you, but what if they don't know if the food is there or not? Say, some are on the

other side of the tank, and never really know the food is on the other side? Or will in the space

of 3 hours, find it eventually? I usually feed at the same time, same place, in a feeder dish, trying

to get them to know that is where the food is. But I wonder if I should be spreading it around the

tank some?


I only keep xmas moss in the tanks, but there is quite a bit of it, half of the floor is xmas moss, and going up one

side is xmas moss. I have a small piece of Malaysia Wood, and one Indian Almond leaf, and a small cluster

of miniature alder cones. The dual sponge filter, and couple of small caves, but not a lot of decorations.


There are about 35 to 40 shrimp in the tank of varying sizes.

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I go through spurts of feeding every day and leaving Sunday for a clean up day, and then I won't feed for weeks and feed once or twice to let them clean the biofilm up. It really depends on your tank though. Everyone has different schedules. But I never feed the same thing two times in a row I always mix it up.

Shrimp are also attracted to smell. So the more pungent the food is. Expired or not. The faster they'll go and find it.

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Use IAL and feed 2-3 times a week. Try to feed a smaller quantity and just leave it in the tank as they will eventually find it. Try to keep from feeding high animal protein content as that fouls the water quicker. I also use lots of dried leaves from various plants most of them from tea bags. Mulberry leaves, nettle leaves etc.

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all great info, thanks!

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They will find the food if it is in the tank.  I have thrown a bit of food in the corner of my 40 breeder and within 30 seconds all the shrimp are swimming around trying to find it. 

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