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getting some of these to start a new project

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Im hoping to continue to breed them for the really nice deep blue color with a nice solid body.  I am also going to cross one on my Crystal White Bees to see what comes out of that.


The breeder has been selectively breeding for the rich blue color for a bit now, and I REALLY like the one at the back in the first pic deep dark head and full body coverage.  However I believe that's one of his breeders, so not

likely to get that one :bow:

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So my BBs and Tibees arrived yesterday, all are fine, and WOW the color on the BBs is unbelievable.

Deep blue and totally covered, and a very nice BIG girl to start my program with.


here's a couple of pics of them as they arrived.



nice pic of my med grade BB and I just love that little tibee.


med grade in front and high grade at the back.



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