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Shrimp Stock

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All of my shrimp that I have to offer have been bred by my self and culled to get the quality that I desire. 


All stock can now be found on our site at TGOESHRIMP.COM 


Usps two day priority shipping is $15 and $35 for express. I cover all doa as long as you send me a clear picture of the dead shrimp in bag with my shipping label in the picture one hours upon delivery. All boxes will be insulated, I can provide heat and cold packs at $2 each.
I'm currently working on expanding and will have more shrimp available soon.













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I'm going all in on tibees and pintos and need to make room in some of my tanks. No room right now to add more tanks. So I need to clear out two tanks.

First package is 20+ crs 2.50 cents each I'll do shipping for $10. $60 for the whole colony. I will include some ss+ males. Plus a couple free plants.

Second package is 20+ michilings $3 each or $70 shipped for the whole colony plus free plants. I can also include some tbs pm me on what kind you want and I'll see what I can do.

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