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Thank You Shrimp Spot


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I've done a lot of reading, not much posting but THANK YOU SHRIMP SPOT!!

My shrimp tank has been up for a year.  I have spent close to $300 on shrimp, almost all have not made it :( 
I found this site in January.  Read almost every post.  Invested in everything from paraguard and kanaplex to alder cones and Han's food.
The deaths and milky/cloudy bodies seem to have stopped and the survivors (3 orange rili) seem active and happy.


Yesterday I came home from a 4 day trip and what do I find?
I know I have a long way to go before shrimplets, but finally feel like I'm getting somewhere.

I wouldn't be here without all the good advice and info from the great peeps on this board.

Thanks again to you all!


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Congratulations! That is the exact purpose this forum is here, to educate and help those that are interested in the same hobby we all grow to love. This hobby and forum becomes more than just that, it becomes a family of friends that can relate, converse, and feel comfortable to ask anything and everything. I wish you much more success.

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Congrats!  I am glad you have found this place so useful.

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