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Continental U.S. Breeder/Shipper Directory

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Last week when attempting to answer questions for a Facebook Shrimp keeper about who might have what - it occurred to me that there MIGHT be a better way.  I decided to start an online Directory in which Breeders of Freshwater Shrimp in the Continental U.S. could list the shrimp that they both breed and ship (as opposed to purchase from others - import etc).  This sort of directory needs to be a basically zero maintenance item.  Potential Customers can browse through the breeders listing @ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HFR_r7HQH_bZyXB3r9TcVlRjf3CrCcEXvrFUbuSwFtE/edit#gid=529376093  


Breeders can enter their information in the form @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Sa27MUsEYu94Rg_Rb7yDrc3ZhUaehNUv8UsV05byBfo/viewform


Obviously there is nothing to stop misuse of this (except civility) - but so far I've gotten several comments by people that hooked up with shrimp they were looking for.  


I'm not claiming this is any sort of panacea - but if any Breeders who ship their own shrimp are interested in listing their animals for sale I'd  welcome them.   I really don't have any sort of long term plan for this or an exit strategy.  It might grow into something better, it might wither on the vine.  I just thought it would be nice to have a central place that didn't require any log in and could be linked from any site.  


I take no responsibility for anything posted there - but if there is I'd encourage folks to email me and I'll fix it.  My email is Desert.Shrimp.Depot@gmail.com.   I'm not listing my shrimp there at this time to avoid any sort of appearance of impropriety or sales advantage.  


BTW - The settings are such that a breeder should be able to edit their own entry later on.  I've not tested this.  

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Problem is it is illegal to export shrimp to Canada or import them without the proper paperwork. :(

this... of course many will do it anyways but one day customs will decide enough is enough. 

there are other companies that ship across the boarder but matter of time before a customer gets burned with heavy fine and shipper will take no responsibility for it.

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I am not sure about alphaprobreeder but if they import in their livestock than that mean they have a import license which will also allow you to export. Shrimpusa for sure have a import license because I know for sure they import their shrimps so that mean they can export as well.

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I am not sure about alphaprobreeder but if they import in their livestock than that mean they have a import license which will also allow you to export. Shrimpusa for sure have a import license because I know for sure they import their shrimps so that mean they can export as well.


but just like you, me, APB, SUSA, etc you still have to have your import license if you are the recipient.

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OH that is what you meant, yes the recipient must also need an import/export license.

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How does Alphaprobreeders and ShrimpUSA do it?  Do you think they have an import licence?

Is it only on the US side, because Canada doesn't restrict shrimps, only crayfish!


I can only speak as an importer on the Canadian side but the import permit is only one part of the equation; It is true they don't restrict the importation of most species of shrimps as long as they are properly declared.  Most of the issues with customs arise because they are declared as something else or not declared at all. They also might require you to fill out a couple of forms declaring things like that they are pets, not for resale, bio-security related matter etc;


The import permit side is handled by the CFIA and their main concern is biosecurity. Not only are they concern with what you import but how it is housed once it gets into the country.  This include inspections of commercial facilities even for species that don't require permits.  For the average individual all this amount to is a form that declare things like they are pets and that they will be house in an aquarium and how the waste water from the tank is disposed off, that they won't be resold etc;  I think it is pretty rare to for them to ask for it but the form is out there.


The customs and duties side get the government their cut - the tax man always gets their due. If you use couriers like UPS or FedEx, you generally don't deal with Canadian customs directly but you also have to pay UPS, FedEx to clear it for you.


Also another issue in Canada is unlike in the States, couriers like UPS and FedEx will not accept live animals or plants unless you have an agreement in place with them.  I had seen drivers refuse to accept shipments when they discover that they have live plants and/or fish/shrimps in them. 


Hard to say if APB or ShrimpUSA are doing it by the book or how they are filling out the export documents as it has been a while since i dealt with APB and I never dealt with ShrimpUSA.  But i would pay attention to it because the last thing you want to happen is to get caught by customs and get blacklisted.  


I have an account with UPS and whenever I import shrimps into Canada using them, I always let UPS handle the import process (we have an account with them for custom clearing as well) . Whenever I can I fill out all of the export documents electronically for my vendor so all they have to do is to slap on the international waybill and export documents; the physical export documents is not really used as it is all done electronically.  The UPS import controls team does the rest.  


For international imports via airport to airport, I have a customs broker that does all the paperwork for me so it is pretty hands off.  They are also restrictions based on country too so I always consult them prior to importing to see what type of permits or paperwork I would need.


If you plan an bringing things in often, I would open up an account with UPS / FedEx and tell them exactly what you plan on importing so they would enable the shipping of live animals on their end and advise them you want them to clear the goods for you as well (i.e bill all customs & duties to your account).  Most of the delays i found with importing using couriers is the lack of proper import / export documents.  However, they might have other requirements in order to do this for you so it might be not feasible unless you do a certain amount of shipments on a monthly basis.


but to get back on track with the topic maybe we should get a Canadian list together as well.  There is only a few retailer / importers but there is quite a few hobbyists and breeders out here north of the border!

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