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FS: Tons of shrimp and a few plants


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Hey guys! I still have a ton of shrimp left. I'm trying to get rid (harsh word I know) of all of them so once they are gone they are gone. Please help me :). Priced to sell


Red cherry shrimp - 12 for $10

- these are offspring of my PFRs and Bloody Mary shrimp.

- some are a nice fire red and some look like regular ol cherry shrimp

- juvenile sizes only

CRS S - $3

CRS SS - $4

CRS SSS - $5

CBS S - $3

CBS SS - $4

CBS SSS - $5

Crystals range from juveniles to adult sizes

Tibees - $2

Blue Bees (paracaridina) - $2.50

Royal Blue Tiger Culls - $5

Shipping - $12 USPS priority shipping

I guarantee overnight or 1 day priority mail shipping and I'm willing to work with you if something happens to the shrimp so that both parties are happy.

Pick up is also welcomed :) I am available after 5pm most days



Blue Bees






Sorry for the photo collages...I love that Pic Stitch app :)

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Id like to get the CBS package and a  couple Myrio Mattogrossense.

Please advise. :)

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