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Has anyone heard of this


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Saw this while I was at the LFS today..   It looks really neat.  Supposedly every 30 mins beneficial bacteria is released into your tank.   


The Fish guy at the store was really impressed with it and he is not the type to hype up a product he doesnt believe in.  Ive heard him telling people that different products are "useless"  


The reviews on amazon are really great and it says it only needs to be changed every 2 years. 



It says nothing about PH on the box.  The fish guy thinks he read in the instructions that it will not alter PH.  


Im thinking of ordering one for the mischling tank. 



Has anyone heard of it



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Way too expensive.


I can buy two 100mL purigen, and have better results.

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Oh, hey, I've got one of those - picked it up on impulse a while back. I am pretty sure it's just a manufactured porous stone-like media. Since it is a single block, I used it to help transfer beneficial bacteria to new setups. I thought it would look nice in a betta tank, but I find it kind of hideous and go to great lengths to hide it. It's in my Sulawesi tank now, so if it affects pH or other parameters at all, it's definitely being drowned out by the calcium carbonate.

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