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Anyone else breed BN?

Soothing Shrimp

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I attempted but my two females died one day my heater decided not to work in below freezing temps now I only have a huge male with no females. I'm surprised he and two cory catfish survived. I'm thinking about giving him away. My two females were albino long fin. This male is a calico x brown cross. He about 5-6 inches.




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You can have him. I rather him go to someone. His mom was calico his dad looks calico but brown. I was told he's a dark calico. Sometimes he shows hints of calico. I was going to breed him to albino longfin in hopes of getting a large variety of genes. I will have to find a shipping bag big enough for him. You can PM me.


Add: Nevermind woke up and found him dead :( Looks like bloat. That actually really sucks. :( I feed him veggie sticks last night and this morning his stomach is huge and he's dead. Does it look like bloat?


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I'm going to rescape and start this tank from scratch now. The only other fish in it is the two Cories and two swordtails.

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Sorry to hear your fish died, my friend.

Thank you. It sucks but I will redo the whole tank. Fully plant it. I'm thinking I want a bunch of tiger barbs. Weird thing is he barely comes out to eat even when I put food in, it's always been like that. I'm surprised he got that big, but last night he came out and ate a whole bunch.

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