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sexing electric blue rams?

Soothing Shrimp

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My favorite fish ever was a german blue ram..  He had so much personality.   He was not so bright though.  He decided his soulmate was a female beta.  I swear to God it is true.     He paired with her and stuck by her side for 2 years until she died.   :(    She loved him too.  They even made themselves a home on a flat rock and would chase away any other fish who came near.  I tried to get him other females but he would have none it. 


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I raised both GBR and EBR in 2013. I won the huge Fish Competition of the Year in our Province with my Electric Blue Rams.


I found these fish to be sooo personable and loveable, just like Bettas!  I am hoping to try the EBRs again next year when my planted tank is ready. 


German was long finned and Electric blues short finned and the above chart is excellent for sexing.  Mostly I found the Germans easier to sex than the blues, but the blues it comes down to that dorsal top fin...males are pointed and females rounded.


Here's some pics of my babies I raised, including the adults. The babies are a mix of the 2 adults in the 2nd picture, produced both long finned Germand Blue Diamonds and short finned Electric Blues.  The color on those blues was incredible!  Why I won the show :thumbsu:






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thank you. Yes I would love to raise some more of these beauties, they are soo captivating watching them develop the colors over the first few weeks.  They look so plain looking at first, then slowly you see a bit of irridescant starting on the sides, then under the lights they start to shine blue.  Some more so than others and those are the ones you want to keep for the next generation.


can't wait to get my tanks set up in the new year.

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