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FS: Unusual Shrimp, Crays, Plants

Soothing Shrimp

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Some of the more exotic things for sale. :)



  • Malawa [Caridina pareparensis parvidentata]
  • 1.95 ea (10 for 29.50 shipped) 



These can be kept with cherries in the same params without cross breeding.  These are slightly smaller than neos, breed more rapidly and for me have even been more goof proof!



  • Red Claw Shrimp [Macrobrachium sp.]
  • 8.00 ea.  Juvies Unsexed.




These are bigger than dwarf shrimp, yet not as large as prawns.  These get to be around 3" and will eat just about anything as they are omnivores- including hair algae, flakes, etc.  Species tank recommended.





  • Blue Mini Diminutus Crayfish [Cambarellus diminutus]
  • $15 ea Juvies Unsexed



Still very rare in the hobby.  Adults are as big as dwarf shrimp, and smaller than cpo.  The babies can be compared to newborn dwarf shrimp as well.  The blue color is enhanced with ph below 7.  Above 7 they tend to be more black.  Smaller and not as aggressive as CPO.  They feed well on flake food.



  • CPO aka Mexican Orange Crayfish [Cambarellus patzcuarensis]
  • 3 for $35 shipped.  Juvies Unsexed.



Larger than diminutus, provide plenty of hiding and climbing spots (loose moss is perfect.)  Adult size is around 1"-2".  Flake does fine for feeding and the occasional ramshorns will be taken as well.



  • Marmorkrebs aka Self Cloning Marbles [Procambarus fallax f. virginalis]
  • 2.50 ea for babies/juvies/young adults.   (pic. from Google)



Best for using cray fry as feeders for fish/turtles/etc. to condition for breeding.  Tip: Freeze fry when appropriate size, or you'll be over run with crays! They berry as early as 2" long and can have hundreds of fry at one time.  Opportunistic, although in general not aggressive with each other unless not enough food.  As with all crays, claws or arms can be lost in skirmishes, but grow back usually within the next molt.  My pet has grown ~6" large.





  • Guppy Grass [Najas guadalupensis] $6 cup, 2 cups or more $5 ea.  This is from my Malawa tank.  No snails, no algae that I see.  But as always dip to make sure.  May contain duckweed.



I ship within the continental US.  Shipping consists of insulated priority box with breather bags for all shrimp/crays/fish.  Plants may be put in sandwich bags.  Shipping is only $10 no matter how many are ordered.

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Can the Blue Mini Diminutus Crayfish be kept with Taiwan bee shrimp? The water is very soft and acidic at about 5.6ph and 170tds.


I never have since I keep them in their own tank.  I find it hard to think they could be a danger since they are the same size, and aren't hostile with even each other. 


Regardless,  I'd try it with neos or culls first and see what happens.  One concern would be gh.  I have them in 6ish.  The ph would be good methinks, to keep a nice blue.

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  • 4 weeks later...

How long are  Blue Mini Diminutus Crayfish berried?


Until the young are born. heh  Okay, prob not the response you wanted.  Not sure of actual time of gestation though.  I usually just see they are berried, and young are born, but I have more than one pair in the tank, so trying to keep track is not easy.

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