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Otocinclus Fry


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I keep Otos in all my shrimp tanks, normally just one in each but my 45 gallon frag tank has three.  My usual wake up and feed/check all my tanks routine, I noticed something wiggling in my TB tank.  I assumed it was just another "goodie" that pops up randomly in shrimp tanks like hydra, planaria, etc.  But as I took my eyes off of it, I noticed it in the corner of my eye....  swimming towards the front glass and attaching itself.  Sure enough, baby Otos!!!   I only counted about 4 of them but I'm sure there are more in hiding.


I love waking up to surprises!!! :D

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Congratulations!! I bet they're adorable... or will be once they're bigger than specks.

They're obviously happy enough about where they're living to get busy, so something's going right!

(My Otos and shrimp are 72-74*F as well)



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Thank you both . I am either going to go with Ottos or nerite snails .

I just assumed Ottos were 78 degree type fish.

My Ottos seem fine at 72°

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