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Fishroom addition


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I think ya'll need to look at this hobby a little differently when it comes to significant others... For example, say you are into motorcycles and she isn't. Get a bike that is comfotable for two, has saddlebags big enough for an extra pair of shoes or two, and show her how enjoyable it can be and now you both love bikes. Find that "hook" that will help him or her become an addict too, and its all good! There are so many aspects of shrimp keeping from the science to the art, the chemistry to design factors, the genetics to the meditative factors. And with two involved, each can have their niche!

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All in good fun, I share this; 22 plus years of marriage and looking forward to another 22.  So I says, 'I'm thinking of an expansion in the fishroom.'  Her head turns and she  isn't sure which way this will break.  I continue, 'I want to move out one of the 4 ft storage cabinets.  We might be able to use one in the garage.  ...  Or maybe you could use one in our basement living space along the back wall.  You mentioned that you have a hard time getting the sewing machine out of the current storage space.  Well, let's see.' and we go back to watching a recording of Gotham.


Two days later my daughter says to me, 'Mom says we're getting a new crafting cabinet in the basement.'  So I'm relieved that I don't need to move this monster cabinet up the stairs and into the garage.  Then I start moving a couple of spare tanks from the garage shelves into the basement. 

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It's not  always work, sadly (or not for all). We're married almost 21 years and last 14 only DH works. He financially supports my hobbies but when it starts to take some place in house it's a different story... I need to start collecting something very small... stamps?

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Svetlida, when I feel that my wife doesn't understand or even resents my hobby, I ask her to take a look at my tanks and I tell her why I like the tank or inhabitants.  Sometimes she shows interest, sometimes she just isn't interested.  I hear it a lot that the spouses just don't 'get it' from my aquariumm club friends - it can be hard to understand why we are interested.  I hope you have luck with helping your DH understanding why it is important to you.





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Here are the rack utilities. 


Water.  The red handled ball valve opens the tap water supply (mixed hot and cold).  The smaller valves feed the individual tanks thru airline.  We have chlorine gas treated water and our water supply is very stable, so I can get away with this for water changes under 25%.  It has worked great for 20 years. 


Air.  I've started using JEHMCO air manifolds instead of the old style drill and tap fittings.  I use 1/2 inch ID vinyl tubing from my air supply PVC manifold to feed the new style manifold. 


Drain.  The bulkhead fitting drains into 1/2 inch vinyl tubing which tees into another drain line then into my 1.5 inch pvc drain line to a floor drain.  In the past, I've made the mistake of using hardware store tubing - no more, get the higher quality tubing (such as python).  It doesn't kink and provides solid flow. 


Lighting.  360 watt, 12 v power supply on a timer to power DIY LED strip lights.


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Maybe this photo will help as well. 


So I open the red handle ball valve and the water manifold fills and distributes water to each tank.  As the tank fills, the water level rises and the overflow spills out the bulk fitting and thru the drain line to the floor drain.


The top manifold is home made from 1/2 inch cpvc drilled and tapped to take a small water valve.  These leak under pressure if they are turned off.  If they are open they (usually) don't leak.  I open the ball valve (red handle) to fill the tanks for a specific period of time that equals less than a 25% water change.  Never leave these small black valves under pressure.  I now use aquarium silicone on the valve threads before I screw in the valves.  It is much easier to do it right away than chase a leak or two. 


The gray manifold is the Jehmco air manifold.  It has threaded ends.  This one has a cap in one end and a 1/2 inch ID barb fitting on the other end.  This manifold is connected to my main air manifold which is supplied by a large linear piston pump.   The valves on the Jehmco manifold help me control the air to the sponge filters.


The bottom left fitting is a bulkhead fitting with elbow and strainer.  This is assembled like it would be on the drilled tank.  The strainer goes on the inside and the washer and nut go on the outside of the drilled tank.  I use aquarium silicone on the bulkhead fitting side and hand tighten with the gasket on the outside of the tank.  Then hand grip the bulkhead fitting and spin the nut with channel locks until the bulkhead fitting starts to spin inspite of you holding it.  Done and let it sit overnight to cure.  I then fit an elbow into the outside opening as shown in previous pictures.  The 3rd row right fitting is an assembled bulkhead fitting without elbow and the rest are just piece parts. 


There are many other plumbing fittings that you don't see that attach to city water.  These would take quite some time to explain.


Hope that helps.



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