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uncommen taiwan bees


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hi guys,


im a breeder from the netherlands and was wondering.........


does someone keep uncommen taiwan bees? 

i have pinto, kk, panda, red wine , full shadow panda and more but unfortunetly nobody in my country as far as i know has blue jelly or green hulk... so i was wondering why is it still rare these days and who has them? and are there more uncommen taiwan bees that i dont know of?



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Green hulks and blue jellies don't all stay green and blue. A lot of them turn black over time and don't breed true, which is why they are never too common.

Other uncommon Taiwan bees include purple King Kong, flamingo (red Taiwan bee with clear white parts and red eyes produced by SL Aqua) and orange eye Taiwan bees. More are being created by cross breeding and some by just random mutation.

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some of these names are getting outrageous and confusing to follow. I left the hobby for about a year and half and when I come back there is outrageous new names and colors! I am sure someone is still working on the green hulks and blue jellies some where in the work 

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I have Joes Aqua blue jellys. They have remained a nice color blue for over a month now. However I moved 1 female into a tank and she started to look a mint color for a while and then once I added shadow pandas to the tank I can no longer tell the difference in color, she seemed to darken up when the others in the other tank have still remained blue.



I have super princess bee shrimp, not sure if they fall into the Taiwan Bee category tho 


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