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Proof positive that our shrimps can live without soil in a tank


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I moved to another city about 6 weeks ago (haven't been on here since then) and I thought I would show you that

our shrimps can live quite happily in a tank with NO soil or anything else added.   I moved my remaining pinto mischling/fancy red tigers and an Ellen Wang 3, in a Fluval Ebi 8 gallon tank to my new place.  I did lose a couple the first week but I feel that was due to the stress as I had lowered the water for the move then added back the remaining water once in the place.


Now I have taken today a picture showing that my 4 Pinto mischlings and 2 Fancy red titaibees are adapting quite well

to there bare bottom tank.  I have moss, java fern, cholla wood, oak leaves and 3 sponge filters in the tank (3 because I am keeping one big one seeded for my upcoming planted tank)   They get a diet of snow, mulberry squares (tiny bit)

sometimes Bioplus, sometimes earthworm flakes.  I don't do much water changes, mostly topups only.  I have RO water

in the tank, so PH is 6.5 and I only add a tiny amount of salty shrimp when I top up.


Here is a pic to show that they are alive and doing quite well.  Unfortunately NO breeding because these are all males.

I will get some females before Xmas to keep them happy.


Once I get my 20 gallon long setup for my buce plants I will transfer the shrimps to that tank, but for now, they seem to

like the house the way it is. LOL





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I purchased a pond soil called Microbe Lift CAPM its montmorillionite clay/fullers earth.  All natural.  Used for aquatic pond planting. Ive used clay base with peat moss layered in between before with great success.  Sold a lot of plants from my 20 gallon long, enough to pay for my shrimp fettish LOL.  I will be using CO2 as well.  


Going to FL for 2 weeks vacation in Dec so once Im back I will be getting right on to my next project. 

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Make sure to siphon all the debris accumulating at the bottom, otherwise you may end up with high nitrate and possibly other unwanted readings. I kept shrimp in bare bottom aquariums as well and came to the conclusion that using substrate is better, beside buffering it also help the recycling process of uneaten food and other wastes, it provides habitat for micro organisms and help reduce nitrate at the anaerobic layers. 

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