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Another newbie!

Shrimp lady

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Hi all,

I'm from Washington and have gotten into keeping shrimp just recently. I have several tropical fish tanks and are into Dwarf Cichlids and wild livebearers and are a member of a local Aquarium club as well.

I had "wild" brown neocaridinia's in a 5.5 gallon 1.5 years ago but they bred themselves to death and it crashed!! I now keep Red rili's I got from Hawaii a year back, they are breeding like Lemming's & I almost can't keep up!! I rehome 2 dozen every 3 weeks just to keep up with them.... Glad to be here and have alot of questions for anyone willing to listen.


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THANKS FOR THE WARM WELCOME! The wild neo's were thick out of control! the tank crashed 7 months later.... There's now a 10 gallon in its place.

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I will post some questions in the general section as this IS the intro section and want to stay on-topic....thanks ALL for your welcomes!!


What is a bloody mary shrimp? I see you listed them in your avatar profile???

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Hey Shrimp lady,

A Bloody Mary shrimp is a neocaridina that was bred for its red tissue and a clear shell. They are some of the brightest, reddest shrimp you can currently buy, and perhaps some of the easiest to keep, being a neocaridina. From what I've read, they were derived from Chocolate neos.

The shrimp in my avatar is actually a Painted Fire Red (PFR) Shrimp, derived from breeding Red Cherry Shrimp. Unlike Bloody Mary Shrimp, PFRs were bred to have an opaque, red shell. That particular shrimp was what spurred this addiction :)

Here's a pic of one of my Bloody Marys:


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I looked at your pics and boy that's a nice, simple shrimp biotope you have there. I LOVE these and have never really been a huge fan of cherry's either.

I will give my 6 super reds another look as I really are not sure what I have and got them in a shrimp grab bag I traded for plants to a club member. He didn't have a preference for which was which. I got 25 mixed colored neo's(velevets, bright red cherries & rili's for plants can't beat that.

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