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WTB a led light for a ten gallon.


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I'm finding the following to be a decent lighting option for 10g (20 inch) tanks......the EX-50 model (20").



Can those grow anubias, water wisteria, Java fern, and Amazon sword?
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I've never grown wisteria or swords, but I would have to imagine so.  Anubias and java ferns easily.  


My guess is that you would be finding ways to dim the light moreso than wanting more power.  Think FInnex Stingray bright, if that helps for reference.

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You can retrofit the common T-8 fixtures with a new to the market (8 months) T-8 L.E.D. tube bulb for around $8.00 to $12.00 bucks.

Look on E-bay.type in search box, "T-8 1.5 foot led tube" I bought mine Epack directly from China seller (read ratings first though...)

Easy to do just remove the old ballast and hook up directly to each tomestone end (hot/nuetral) as the light has its own mini transformer build in the tube already. Nice mellow light that will grow plants. I selected the day white version. Good luck!!!

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