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WTB Nerite snails


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I am looking for a few nerite snails to clean up green algae growing all over some anubias in one tank and brown diatoms on the glass of another tank.


Which species is best for each application? These are neutral-ish pH tanks (6.8-7.8).


And does anyone here have any to sell? I'd like to get them before it gets too cold for shipping. Does anyone know if any of the site sponsors sell them?

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I don't have any to sell as I don't breed them but you can check your local Petsmart if you won't find any here. I always buy mine from my local store and never had any problems with them but I do quarantine them for about 2 weeks. They have horned nerites (small ones), racer nerites (black), and different zebras and tigers.

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I quarantine everything that goes in my tanks (plants, snails, fish) except shrimp. (All my new shrimp usually go to a new tank - I don't have many species). I learned hard way.

For snails you can keep them in some big jar (I usually use huge ones from cookies from Costco). Drop a plant or two in water from your tank, some cholla wood or something the snails can glaze on and you're ready. Sometimes I cover my jar with gauze fabric and a rubber band (people say nerite snails can escape).

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