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RCS dead or Exoskeleton?


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Hello, new to the forum, was told about it through another site (plantedtank).  I have a 10 gallon red cherry shrimp tank. Shrimp been in since 12/11.  I haven't seen any deaths since introduction but yesterday I saw what looked like a molt but has color.

Here are the specs,

10 gallon planted

Active-flora substrate

KH 3

GH 7

Ph between 7.4 and 7.6 (doesn't match either of the reg ph kit or the high range

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

TDS 192

Temp  72 F

Water changes are 2.5 gallons every 2 weeks with RO water remineralized with Salty Bee GH+


I generally feed every other day or every 2 days. Which consists of cucumber, Hikari shrimp cuisine, omega one super color veggie kelp pellets, Fluval shrimp granules, NLF thera A pellets. I rotate these usually do 1 day veggie then next protein.

Anything stand out?


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Well everything sounds good to me, and that does not look like a molt. Sometimes shrimp have problems that don't show until weeks after they are introduced to the tank, sometimes they don't adapt. And sometimes they just die. It is frustrating when you set up a new tank, add your shrimp and then they start dying on you.

Maybe one of the more experienced keepers will have noticed something... but out of curiosity, how many shrimp do you have and how long ago was the tank setup and cycled?


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Was set up about 8 weeks before shrimp were added. Cycled using fishless method. Should i be feeding more often?

I have lots of babies ive counted 20+. only counted 12 adult at feeding time. Which I'm hoping I'm missing some since i started with 19, but i never see bodies.

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