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i thought the a cap title would improve the interest to click on this topic :P


first of all im sooooo happy that i bred a shrimp like this one :)


i am 99% sure i have discovered a new mutated shrimp variation but idk for sure......


have you guys ever seen a shrimp like this one ? 


it is completely covered with baby blue color also the legs are covered and the head is green !!!

(on the picture the green didnt come out well as you would see it in real life, trust me it is GREEN :P )




sorry if the caps irritated you.......











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If this is a Caridina, is this a Taiwan Bee in particular? If so, unfortunately as Soothing stated they usually darken to black as they mature. It would be interesting to see though, as it is a nice shade of blue.

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it is in a mix caridina tank with mixed gene's you can call it a dump tank or experimenting tank....


i dont think it will change to black cause i have also alot of black taiwan bee baby's (pinto, shdaow blue panda, kink kong, blue bolt) but this guy doesn't even look similar to them.....  


my biggest fear is to lose him cause i dont have a high survivalrate in this tank :( 

lets hope for the best "fingers crossed''


and if he survive's and stays the same color i will probably have to sell it in the next 6 months or so.......

cause i am going to a proper education school 

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oh ok haha will do my best :)


basis information about the tank:


it is a 60l tank

heavy planted (it is difficult to spot the shrimplets)

oxydator 6% 

soil : AKADAMA


shrimps in the tank:


all taiwan bee's except blue jelly and green hulk (not sure if the gene's contain these colors)

spotted heads red and black


f1 shrimps (crystal red and black)


what i feed:


bacter ae

dennerle shrimpking complete

csf nettle sticks

csf reiskleie

catappa leaves

sirakura chi ebi (placed order will be using in the future)


if you wanna know something else that i forgot to mention don not be shy to ask :P i am not a breeder that will keep everything secret to make money from it 

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have seen it in the morning between the plants, when i ran to get the camera i could not find him when i returned.

i have also seen some nice looking taiwan bee shrimplets (i quess pinto)


i just made a waterchange in the tank and it was the worst waterchange in my life!!!!

i wanted to clean up the (intern) filter so i was pulling it out but what i didn't saw was that the moss was stuck in the filter so when i pulled out all the moss came with it........ my reaction: what the f.... is going on here :(

so i lowered the water and transfered the water from tank to a bucket (roughly 20%)

then my little brother came to me distracted me..... i step 1 foot back...... bam bucket fell..... everything is wet, water all over the place..... qleaning it up before my parents will notice anything (oops)

and then the 3 bad strike hit me.... i did not had RO water to fill the tank, forgot it.... (i used all of it for the other tanks :/ )


the shrimps were stressed out way too much, it took me 2 hours to do a waterchange for a f..... 60l tank :'(


i wish i had skipped the waterchange.......

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