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Soap for hands in aquarium

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I haven't tried it yet, but it intriguing, no? Heh


 Im retired and during the winter to keep me busy I drive a special needs van full of preschoolers for our local district and always use sanitizer .I worry about the sanitizer when it comes to my shrimp. Little kids are snot machines and have fingers shoved up their noses to the second knuckle.

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Thats very interisting Shoothing Shrimp

As we all know it can cause problems sticking our hands into our shrimp tanks with dirt and oils on our hands

What I usually do when I really have to do maintenance and this is done only at water changing, like cutting moss or so, is to first rinse my hands with normal cold tap water, not hot water from the geyser, as this, I believe has got more copper in due from the geyser..

Then after syphoning some water from the tank into the bucket, to rinse my hands again in some of the tank water from the bucket before doing anything in the tank.

This is all done if I really only have to do some maintenace in the tank, if not, I mostly use long tweezers , where my hands dont come close to the water

So far this has worked quite well and havent lost any shrimps yet :)

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So someone finally did it! Aquarium soap! :)

I like the touch of adding an exfoliant, and one that will wash away easily without residue. (Salt! Brilliant!)

A small part of me wonders if too much scrubbing is actually bad... There's some thought that scrubbing the first layers of skin off can 1) reveal different flora underneath, replacing what you're trying to get rid of 2) create more microwounds in the skin where bacteria can get IN (more susceptible to getting an infection FROM your tank). However, he'd have had to make those salt particles pretty rough to get that to happen during a quick hand wash, so I imagine it does what it's supposed to pretty well.

Someone needs to get it and try it! (And if I get some time, I might get nosy and write and ask if he can share with a fellow soap maker what his soap oil base is, in general proportions of course. :) )

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Not sure if the soap would be fantastic for us, because it being made of primarily sea salt, but I love the idea. I honestly tell everyone that I try to keep my hands out of the aquarium as much as possible. BUT When I do have to get my hands into the aquarium or even at times simply feeding, I run to the sink run them under pure water then dry them off with a dedicated aquarium towel. I think I am a little paranoid about chemicals in the aquarium, but I rather be safe than sorry.

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