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quick question on ghost bee name

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Great question. If this chart is accurate in regards to your question then they would be different. Similar to a CRS and Wine Red, or CBS and Panda.


Not sure if their is a noticeable difference though to distinguish between the two.



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This was my pair, I did get the female berried but the babies didn't survive. I sold them to another hobbyist before I moved.  They were soooo cool the eggs were turquoise blue in color.  I didn't know who the father was at the time as I did have BKK and WR as well as the male Crystal white in the same tank.

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Yes they are very cool shrimps. I liked them a lot.  There are a few people who do breed them, someone on here too.  Michal Nadal used these to produce some of those unique Blue Jellys, and I believe you could get some very cool hybrids if you tried them with Pintos etc.

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You probably won't get a nice looking shrimp in F1 generation, but when bred back to either parent you could end up with something unique.


Hybrids take time to create, nothing really worth while until F2-F3, so be prepared to wait it out.  I asked Michal Nadal how he got the Blue Jelly and

he told me he used a CWB x BKK.   Using a Blue Bolt might give you a more solid blue bodied shrimp with some white striping of sorts, again its a

wait and see project.

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