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Neocardina Question


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Hello all! I'm about to phase out my main TB. So i'll have room for neocardina..


It's been over 5 years since I've kept them. Rilis look so cool to me.


I have a few questions.


What are their PH parameters?


Also what happens if you mix n match rili shrimp?


Thank you :)

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the good thing about neocaridina is that they take a wider range of params compared to caridina. Yes 6-7 pH would be ideal, but may people including I have them in a pH that is between 7-8. 


If you mix the rilis eventually you will mess up the nice rili patterns and down the lie you will end up reverting back to a wild type.

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thank you all for the answers :) 


You could house TB with neos always a shot lol. Never get rid of shrimp just more tanks.

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I put a bloody mary in my tb tank. Died the next day.. lol


Now I have to figure out how to safely bump up pH.  


Have you guys kept any neos in pH of 6.5? I've noticed a lot of people keep them around  7-7.5.

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