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Made some updates to my site and also played around with my new GoPro for some underwater shots. http://www.taylorsaquatics.com/gopro-videos/angeltank

Let me know what you guys think. Tomorrow shooting a time lapse video for my shrimp food! So far digging the GoPro and excited to see what I can do. Video is shaky due to holding and don't have mounts set up yet.

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Nice Angel.

It's gonna be fun with shrimps.

I wanna see like set camera and time lapse. Feeding scene.

I'm glad to see you again in action.

Ask and you shall receive!


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Thank you :)

It's cool way to recode from top view.

Usually side view.

So it's cool to watch.

Thank you

Thanks! Yea I tried the front view but the light washes out the white ones even in 4k they looked wierd. Top view I could add more light and less intrusive on the shrimp. They didn't even notice it in there, I am amazed at how many and how much they move.

This was over 1.5 hours, just shot until the battery died. They cleaned up everything before it was over.

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